Welcome to Your November Fitness Challenges

As part of our mission to expand the concept of fitness to include Physical, Nutritional and Mental Fitness, we present you with your monthly challenges! Choose one, two or all three areas and push yourself to be your best you!



As always, form is paramount! Skimping on form not only cheats your body out of the fantastic benefits of this awesome movement but also leaves you at a greater risk for injury so - Take your time and focus on form!

Week 1: 40 Lunes (20 each leg)

Week 2: 60 Lunges (30 each leg)

Week 3: 80 Lunges (40 each leg)

Week 4: 100 (50 each leg)

Lunges are a fantastic exercise and offer  multiple variations! A few of the benefits include, shaping your lower body, building lean muscle, developing core strength, improving balance and improving hip flexibility. 

Lunging works your glutes and quadriceps and also engage your hamstrings. Strengthening these large muscle groups will help to improve your core, posture, balance and coordination. Additionally, you can "even out" strength and muscular imbalances by bringing your weak side up to par with your stronger side.

Form: Assume a hip width stance with feet pointing forward. Step forward, or back, beginning with your weaker side. Step forward, drop your hips straight down towards the floor until your shin is at a 90 degree angle and keep all of the pressure and drive through the heel of your leading leg. Do not allow the knee to go out over your toe. Stay upright - it is helpful to keep your hands on your hips though the entire movement but do what is comfortable for you.Step back into a neutral position and repeat on the other side until you complete your reps.

(Scale each workout to your fitness level and comfort with the movements. If you would like guidance, please reach out!)

Depending on your soreness (recovery needs) you can do this every day or just a couple times each week. The goal is to stick with it and to watch your results improve from your first try to the next and the next after that :)


Cut. It. OUT!

Fall is here and we are heading into Holiday Season, FAST!

This time of year can be exceptionally challenging as we work to maintain our routines with family, community, work, fitness, nutrition and energetic balance.

Let's work together to head into this fun and exciting time one step ahead of the curve! 

Each day between now and the end of the month, CUT OUT one nutritional temptation each day. It will be fun changing it up each day and will help drive awareness around where you are your weakest. 

Is it a sugary coffee in the morning? Post meal treats? Late night snacks? Or extra portions of foods you want to may want to limit?

Each of us have our weak moments and especially attractive temptations - becoming more aware of those and challenging ourselves to let go of just one each day will go a long way toward conditioning us to make better choices overall.

Our self discipline grows much like our muscles, with exercise comes growth!

Please take time to share your experience in the Facebook Group - Team work makes the dream work!


Be Your Own SWOT Team!

A SWOT Analysis is a study undertaken by a person or organization to identify its internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as its external opportunities and threats.

S trengths

W eaknesses

O pportunities

T hreats

When we perform a SWOT Analysis on our selves, it's important to as honest as we can be. Sometimes, it helps to include friends and loved-ones in this exercise to provide an outside view (*Important* If you ask someone for honest feedback, make sure you don't invalidate their perspective by questioning it, denying, or arguing - it's his/her view and may be no more wrong or right than yours).

So, in beginning this exercise, you can either think about yourself/life as a whole, or you can identify one part of it that you think could use some attention. 

First, ask yourself and/or others what you are really good at. Maybe look deeper at an identified strength...people might say you're a great listener, and that may be true, and there may be something more to that. Maybe you're super empathetic and can really "be there" for people emotionally. Maybe there are certain people or issues you're really interested-in and could listen or talk for hours. Look for the reasons for the strengths...you'll often find more strengths just below the surface.

Complete the same process for things you/others deem weaknesses. This is often a tough one for people, as it's not always easy to dig through the less-positive stuff. Hang in there though and remember to thank people for their feedback and try to not judge it...other people's perspectives can be as valuable as hidden treasure :)

Next, consider your strengths, weaknesses, and what's most important to you at this point in your life. Where are the opportunities to do more of what will be valuable to you and others and where can you cut back or eliminate behaviors and/or thoughts that just aren't working for you? Knowing what to work-on is like having a map for your self-improvement. 

Finally, consider the threats to you as you currently are and as you will be as you create positive change in your life. What and who might be holding you back from becoming your best you? What thoughts or behaviors do you have that are keeping you stuck or possibly moving more slowly toward your best self?

This is an extremely beneficial exercise we've seen work powerfully for many people. It, however, can also be very difficult and might bring-up some anxious or uncomfortable feelings. Remember, some of the best things in life are born of difficult awarenesses and changes. With personal development, it usually does hold that the best things in life aren't easy.

Go Team!

...and most importantly...


We are Groundbreakers! Our journey together is all about breaking new ground. We follow our passions, live by our values and take action toward being our best selves.